a mobile app for urgent acts of kindness

We need your help to build this app, design a platform and grow a community that will help those that are nearby and need help now!

From the smallest act of kindness to an act that could save someone's life, we want to use technology to nudge our behaviour a couple of degrees closer to a world where we think nothing of helping each other every day. 

Please join us.

We want you to be part of this community. If you're feeling 'kind of brave', please fill out this (very) short survey and tell us about yourself. What would this community mean to you?

We have big dreams - a free app, a community of people asking and giving kindness to strangers, all owned by you, the users, the contributors, the community.

You can join us on FaceBook, in our Slack channel, write for us on Medium and tweet with the hashtag #kindofbrave - please sign up here to join the community.